Information from the Irish Society of Homeopaths.

Homeopathy is a safe and gentle system of medicine which can be used to treat a whole range of conditions - for example colds, flu, digestive disorders, anxiety and panic attacks, headaches, sinusitis, eczema and arthritis to name but a few.

Homeopathic treatment focuses on the whole person whether their presenting complaint is physical, mental or emotional or a combination of these. Homeopaths use remedies made from substances in the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms. The remedies are given in minute doses. Homeopathy can help everyone from very young babies to elderly men and women and is suitable for use during pregnancy.

Patients who are on prescribed medicines can still use homeopathy as it will not interfere with the action of their medication. Coming off prescribed medicines , however, should only be done under the supervision of your general practitioner or medical specialist.

Patients coming to a homeopath are given the remedy which most closely matches their individual symptoms. Two patients seeking homeopathic treatment for flu – for example – might require completely different remedies. One person might be very cold, thirsty and want to lie very still. The other might be restless with a fever and no thirst. The Homeopath would prescribe different remedies for each patient.


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