Information from the Irish Massage Therapists' Association.

Massage is an ancient skill which used to be included in the training of physicians, from Hipprocates in the 5th century BC to the 19th century AD.

The technological developments of the 20th century affected the practice of medicine, making it more and more specialised, and the hands-on approach and the healing touch was gradually replaced by machines.

However, with the work of Ling’s Swedish massage techniques in the 1920’s as a starting point, the power of the skilled caring touch has never been lost.

The qualified massage therapist today is much in demand to provide a drugless means of reaching a state of deep relaxation. This state of relaxation allows stress and tension to flow out of the body, emotions and mind, giving the client a chance to marshal his/her own healing powers.

There are many different types of massage therapy available. For your own protection, discuss the technique to be used and the practitioner’s experience. Massage therapy can be beneficial in a whole range of complaints, including insomnia, arthritis, migraines, and digestive problems.

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